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Niels PflaegingNiels Pflaeging



Organizar para a Complexidade (Videocast Adaptworks - entrevista)

Manoel Pimentel entrevista Niels Pflaeging. Gravado em Sao Paulo


Bye-bye Management - Keynote (Agile Tour Lithuania 2013)

Why Management is dispensable. How our organizations will become agile, radically decentralized, and networked. Sooner than you think.


Warum Management verzichtbar ist: Maßnahmen

Martin Seibert (CEO, Seibert/Media) im Gespräch mit Niels Pfläging: "Maßnahmen für eine neue Unternehmensorganisation"


Bye-bye Management! Teil 1/4 (Agile Rhein-Main)

Vortrag in 4 Teilen: "Bye-bye Management - Warum Management verzichtbar ist und wie agile Organisation heute aussehen kann", bei Seibert/Media, Wiesbaden


Why Management is Dispensable! (Stoos Connect)

How we will re-invent work for this century. At Stoos Connect 2013, Amsterdam


How organizational design influences engagement and performance

Hangouts session initiated by Dawna Jones, with guests Stelio Verzera, Paul Tolchinsky, Elinor Slomba, Doug Kirkpatrick, and myself. An inspiring 77 minutes.


Heroes of Leadership - a short film

Film by Niels Pflaeging on the men and women who advanced org thinking and practice


Un-Leadership (CBS Korea TV)

Why, in order to make work smart, we have to get rid of management. At CBS Korea´s "15 Minutes"


Un-Leadership Workshop - Making of

Interview with Niels Pflaeging and impressionas from a public workshop in Seoul, South Korea, in 2012 (at MicImpact)


Führung und "Intrinsifier" (Future Leadership Camp)

Niels Pfläging im Interview beim Future Leadership Camp 2012


Extrinsifier und Intrnsifier (

Niels Pfläging über Führung bei "Extrinsifiern" und "Intrinsifiern", interviewt in New York City


Management: Im Herzen sowjetisch (changeX)

Interview mit Niels Pfläging über Führung und Management auf changeX (Kurzversion)


Beyond Budgeting - Liderando com Metas Flexíveis (Congresso Int. de Inovação)

Trecho de palestra com Niels Pflaeging e Valérya Carvalho, Porto Alegre 2010


Liderança, não Gestão! (entrevista)

Entrevista com Niels Pflaeging, gravada para o programa Gestão Eficaz, em Curitiba


Führen mit flexiblen Zielen (Wirtschaftswandel 2008)

Ausschnitt aus der Keynote von Niels Pfläging beim Wirtschaftswandel-Event 2008


Liderando com Metas Flexíveis (BBRT conference 2007)

Niels Pflaeging fala sobre Liderança em empresas como Toyota, Handelsbanken e Google. Trecho de palestra na conferência Reinventing the DNA of Management, Sao Paulo, 2007


Entrevista sobre Beyond Budgeting (Canal N, Peru)

Entrevista de Canal N, Peru, con Niels Pflaeging


Niels' world

Niels Pflaeging: Management exorcist, change curator, thought innovator, speaker, author, globally working advisor on leadership transformation. In this section, you can learn more about Niels´ curriculum, his books and his three major spheres of work.


Niels is something of a rare animal.

He combines two roles in his client work. Roles that are rather different from each other, and that are rarely found together, in one single professional. On one hand, he offers inspirational, thought-provoking, highly conceptual and entertaining impulses as a world-class speaker. On the other hand, he helps organizations internationally with triggering, mapping and leading profound and robust change initiatives as a highly effective advisor. Few people are capable of doing both, on the same high level of professionality.

Niels combines all of that with a literally boundary-less, world-wide scope and with speaking four of the world´s most important langages fluently. He has an international network of trusted partners and colleagues that he relies upon in all of his advisory work.